iOS and Bluetooth

Is it possible to use Bluettoth technology and BLE with Thunkable iOS?
And in general is it possible to use other extension?

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Currently no, as well extensions are not a feature that is yet on Thunkable IOS

This is correct – we are trying to prioritize our components right now – can you tell us more about the app that you are trying to build with Bluetooth?


We built a machine to shot volley balls.
This machine will help trainer in they daily work.
Next step is to drive the machine via mobile.
Not yet sure if use Arduino or not … let’s see.
Already developing it in MIT app inventor, so would be great to be able to do similar thing in iOS Thunkable-

Best regards and thanks for great work you’re doing

how to add components bluetooth to my app ios

any update on when that could come out?


In my case, I need to connect (via Bluetooth LE) to various pieces of equipment (one at a time) in order to collect its history of recorded values, to be sent to a database “in the cloud”. I did something similar using classic Bluetooth on MIT AI.