Bluetooth Road map

Hey Community,

I just discovered thunkable and I think it a fantastic platform. I am really impressed with everything I can create so far.
However, I am currently in the process of building an app that requires Bluetooth connectivity. Basically I need to connect to a BLE device (for example a heart rate monitor) and it’s data.

I know that Thunkable classic had the functionality but I need my app to be available on android and IOS.
I am wondering if anyone in the community has a current solution or any idea on the roadmap for when that will be available!
Ryley Randall


Hi there,

Bluetooth component is high on our list of our next set of components but we don’t yet have an ETA. We are upgrading some infrastructure that will let us better enable this component and others in the future.


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Waiting anxiously for bluetooth :slight_smile: