Bluetooth in Thunkable x

i have search for bluetooth option in thunkable X , but i can’t find it.
may i know when we will get it on thunkable x.


Hi @_HM,

Bluetooth will be added to Thunkable in the future, we’re working on a number of new components at the moment.

Can you say a little bit about what you’d use the Bluetooth component for? What sort of app would you like to build?

I have the same situation. I’m developing an app that requires Bluetooth printing to an Esc/Pos printer. Would like to have this. Thanks

I am also in need of a Bluetooth connection for several projects I am working on today.

  1. DSD TECH 2 Channel relay board. Uses Bluetooth 4.0 need to be able to turn them on and off using preferably hex. Sample: A00100A2.

  2. Tinysine 8 channel relay board. Not sure of the protocols yet.Uses BLE Bluetooth. Again same situation. Turn relays on/off

both on IOS platform. These are Prototypes that I just need code for demo at first but will be publishing in the first part of the new year.

Any ETA?

Wrote something in MIT App Inventor and I could purchase an Android to run theirs. But I would prefer to use yours with my iPhone if your going to have something soon.

i want to use send file to my microcntroller, which includes extended ascill characters too .

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hai @domhnallohanlon

is it possible to use bluetooth components to printing using a Bluetooth thermal printer? Thanks