Cannot find Bluetooth, but searching on phone, found in bluetooth list

I made BLE + Thunkable as according to
By connecting to esp32 using the same code, but when trying on thunkable, Bluetooth cannot be found! 90393927_2501812430084395_8481071297193836544_n|375x500
And this one is the total code

I’d like to ask if the phone finds Bluetooth on the bluetooth list, but when turned on in thunkable, can’t find Bluetooth. How to fix?

Hi @baspett2316x9,

Are you live testing or installing your app here?

Also, if you’re using an iOS device - are you using the location sensor too?


Hi @baspett2316x9, I notice in your code here that you may want to switch the green item block for the index block. “Item” blocks return the name of what was clicked on. However when working in the list you reference a name when you should reference the items list index (could be thought about as the items place in line)

You may also want to meet this block in the purple block. The green block is “out of scope” meaning you can only use it with blocks nested within the purple block it came from

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baspett…I think this is exactly the same issue that I’m having.

I created a very simple test to just display the Device Names but couldn’t get Thx to work. I have similar working with AI2 and Android Studio (java based).

Please look at posts titled:

  1. BLE Scan…no devices found
  2. ThX vs AI2 and scan results.

I’ve spent days trying to resolve this issue but have all but decided to go back to AI2. With AI2 all my code and hardware are working as expected.

Please contact me via this thread or Maybe working together we can resolve.

Now that I try use android And found this problem

Thank you very much. I’ll contact you. But i want to try it with thunkable but now i just started to study it

Bluetooth name of the device is now found. But unable to press connect

Can you post a picture of your block flow when a user presses a list item?

baspett…There’s an android app from the play store called Light Blue. Can you download the app and run? I would like for you to verify the number of devices that LightBlue lists. My best guess is that it will list more items than ThX picks up. If you refer to the pic notice where your items are listed in the listview. Notice that your device names are in listview location 3 and 4 when they should be in items 1 and 2. IMO this is incorrect. In additon to the above issue why are there so many lines for the listview. Normally listview should only list the number of items available not fill the screen with blank data.

jared…please read my response to baspett post on this subject.

Initially, when opening the app, will click the connect button to search for Bluetooth.

Step 2 will select the Bluetooth you want to connect. When the connect is successful, you can press the button LED to send value to esp32 to turn the LED off as thunkable.But this process was still unsuccessful Currently searching for Bluetooth but still can’t press connect!

This is the total code at this time.

111.txt (4.1 KB)

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Can you try this to see items.

Now in Light Blue you can search for the Bluetooth you want to connect to.

What should I do now in thunkable Bluetooth search but can’t connect to Bluetooth

I will try to do as this. It is similar to my job, but I am very new to this lesson.

Please help me Now I don’t know where to fix the code. Please advise me.