Need to Compare Variables

I want to compare a variable, CILifeStyleCity to an AirTable colums, USCity. First, I set the variable, ImageCity to the USCity from the spreadsheet. Then I compare the two variables. For some reason, I never get a match. For example, CILifeStyleCity contains “Chicago” and I want to find a match in the spreadsheet and get the CityImageURL so that I can display the image.

See the attached image that contains my blocks.

Can you show us how CILifeStyleCity is set to “Chicago”?

When comparing text, the system is completely picky. Have a blank space before or after and it will not be seen as a match.
You may want to add an alert as a temporary feature, which would display both CILifeStyleCity and the content of ImageCity as it gets updated in the loop. You will see if they match or if there is an issue (some letters not capitalized, leading or trailing blank space, etc.)

Problem solved. Whoops! I was using the wrong variable.
The comparison of the two variables worked just fine.
Thank you!!