If user inputs same nickname of already others input nickname(in Airtable DB), I want to let user types other nickname

  1. I want compare Airtable’s nickname and new typped nickname.

  2. Unique nickname need to be stored in Airtable.

  3. The Doc of Thunkable/Airtable is too short

The GetColumn function returns a list (the green column block). When you add the gear/list block in front of it, you make a list containing a list which is not what you should be doing. If you only want to compare the last cell in the column to the user’s input, then remove the gear/list block.

If instead you want to check if the user’s input matches any cell in the column, use the does list contain block instead of the = block.

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THUNKABLE HELP DEST doesn’t have much advice and doesn’t show coding, it just talks
So beginners are hard to code with thunkable

There are tutorials and lots of videos on YouTube that you might find helpful.

And you can always post a screenshot of your blocks and/or a link to your project and explain what problem you’re having.


Comparing function doesn’t work

Thunkable help team is insincere, not showing the coding block

I don’t have anyone to help me but Tatiang.

Tiatang said you can post some screen shots of what you’ve tried. Did you try debugging the get column function? What about the comparison function didnt work? Most of us on this forum help other for free in our spare time.

We can’t help you unless you’re willing to do the work. Just telling us something doesn’t work is not helpful. You need to show us how you set up your blocks and explain what happens when you preview/test your code.

The documentation can be helpful but you’re right, it’s missing some information. Users like me can help you to fill in those missing details.

  1. I want compare Airtable’s nickname and new typped nickname.
  2. Unique nickname need to be stored in Airtable.

see above my coding block…


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These are the same blocks you posted before. Please read my post again:

I’m guessing that you want to check the entire column to see if the user’s input exists. So you need to use the does list contain block.

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Follow this guided example

If you still have issues then you need to share your code not only the block you already shared.

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I coded it exactly like you… But not working

What part is not working?

When you create a row, you have to give the cells values. I don’t think you can just create a blank object as you’ve done and as @muneer had in his screenshot. I could be wrong but that looks strange to me.

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You can. You can definitely send an empty object but that also means you’re sending no data to airtable. If you send an object that doesn’t have defined fields you should not expect any data to appear in your air table. I believe air table would interpret that as a blank record and therefore either create an empty row or no rows at all

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So what do you want me to do? Why don’t you show me the coding? The Thunkable help team is too weak… with only two people giving advice?
I want to see coding!!!

You’re complaining but you offer almost no information in each of your posts. You keep repeating that it isn’t working. That’s not helpful. So when you give us very little details, we don’t know how to help you.

Imagine if I kept going to my mechanic and telling them “when I drive my car, it doesn’t work right!” And then they try to fix whatever’s wrong but they have no idea what to look for. And then I go back and tell them “It’s still not working!” And they again try to fix it but can’t because… they have no idea what is “not working.” It’s only after I provide them with details (“there’s a noise when I turn right too far,” “the gas pedal gets stuck sometimes,” “the dashboard engine light comes on but only when I’m going under 25 mph”) that they can actually start to diagnose and repair the problems.

I’m not sure who the two people you’re referring to are but @jared no longer works for Thunkable and neither @muneer or I ever have. So we’re all just trying to help you… out of the kindness of our hearts. We don’t have to!

You can always choose to pay for a Thunkable plan that offers direct support if you don’t already have that. It sounds like you’re not getting what you need from the forums.

I have a Pro plan and the support via chat is quite good. Not always super fast but when they are able to respond, they are helpful and knowledgeable.

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I want to see the code rather than the story-oriented tip…
Is there anyone else who can show me the CODE?
Thunkable crew can’t solve this problem, and other people must be frustrated

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