Need help with Web Viewer

I am able to use the web viewer in IOS to show an html file that has javascript code in it using .html in the Web Viewer block. I can upload a gif file, a js file and a css file but the html file doesn’t use or play them when I click on a button that opens the html file in the web viewer.

@lodijoe, sorry for your difficulties. We’re working on making the Web Viewer work better with local HTML/JS/CSS.


Try setting the path to the file via ./ - ./style.css, ./yougif.gif, ./you.js

Another option is to merge all files in one html file (images should be specified in base64 format).

Thanks for your very quick response. I don’t know how to merge all files in one html file. I need a specific path to the file as I couldn’t get your path to work. What would be the exact path for these three files:
five.html chess.css chess.js
What would be the exact path of these four files:
tictac.html blue.gif red.gif tt3.gif

To access the files imported to the project, in tictac.html specify the path ./


in five.html