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Hello, I’m back after several months of break and I thought I saw that this problem had been solved in the update of December 16 but the problem is persistent.


Why can’t we display text on the webviewer with a local file using POST MESSAGE?

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I haven’t seen this issue solved at all. HTML files added as assets to the project only function when you run your project from the computer using Live Test menu option.

It still does not run when executed from the mobile.

Maybe @jared can give more updates.

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yikes! this is supposed to be fixed. Let me look into this!


Thank you for your answer, keep us informed

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Hey @muneer @oberon

It appears that this is only working on web Preview and downloaded/complied iOS apps. I tested a downloaded android app which failed and iOS on live preview fails also.

One idea is to, instead of linking to your external scripts, include the script itself in your HTML file so there is no externally linked script tag but instead all of the code form that link copy/pasted into the HTML. file between tags in the head

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I can use an external URL but it shouldn’t be like this. It will create traffic for nothing

I want to display an invoice on the webviewer as I had done.

Create Invoice (Display on Thunkable live,Send by email with pdf attachment) - Thunkable Tutorials - Community

Yup! This is an issue. I have escalated this as a bug and will keep this forum post updated when I hear more from the team! This was fixed at one point and was verified as fixed by myself and one other, so it’s odd that we are seeing it again.

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I just created a new project having only a Web Viewer.

I created a HTML file and added it to the project.
The file content is

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1> Test Text </h1>

This is how it looks in the computer preview

This is how it looks from the phone

So apparently, the workaround you suggested does not work.

I’ve raised the first part as a new bug today.
Yikes! I see that bug is still in our bug tracker! Seems like that one is still around. :cry: Our engineers are looking into this today/tomorrow!


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