About ios web viewer

i use a web viewer component to load a local html page in asset file,but cannot pass url param to it,
I checked that the data is the limit of ios app,recommendation to call js communication,could add a method to web viewer to call js api?

for example,i build a ios app to creat qrcode and barcode,now the app must link the webserver,i want to place it to local file,but i cannot pass param to the page,so cannot dynamic generate code.

Thanks for the feedback – we are looking into it!

Albert @ Thunkable

thank you,i find a bug with webviwer,if load a local html page,the css and js code must be all in one html file,cannot with css and js file,i already upload css and js file to asset,but not work.

Just to confirm, does it work when you include everything in one html file?

Albert @ Thunkable

yes,it work when include everything in one html file.

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Thanks for figuring this out – I was able to add a shadow element with this shadow html file


What is the syntax for loading a local html file into the webviewer? Is it file:///myfile.html ?