Need help retrieving desired rows based on stored variable, and then displaying it in DVG

Hi! I am building an app where users post pics of their cars and specify the color, model, etc.
Before posting though, new users specify the color of their car by selecting the color from a DVG I implemented using Airtable. I then store that as a stored variable in a separate AirTable, along with the user’s username and other selected characteristics (I did this by saving the text of the specific row id clicked as a stored variable, so if they selected yellow, that would be the stored variable, and it would pop up under a google sheet under column (color). So now, I have an AirTable with columns such as user, color, model, etc filled with the user’s individual selected features. once they upload a picture, the pictureURL is stored in a row alongside the user’s stored variables that state their characteristics of the car. Problem is, I still haven’t figured a way for users to view other cars uploaded by other users that match the same color.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say I just want users to be able to view other pictures uploaded by users that match the stored variable (color) that they selected. So users who selected yellow (which is then stored as a stored variable) will be able to see other users who selected yellow on the DVG and then see the pictures they uploaded. How do I filter this on AirTable (filter through rows that say “yellow” ) and then put the desired pics in a DVG for viewing?

I have tried using a method like below: but the pictures never pop up. Instead of if app variable authoremail=stored variable email I used if app variablecarcolor=stored variable car color
I also tried using AirTable API filtering through filterbyformula and that has not worked for me since I am filtering through a condition that involves a stored variable for a user. Does anyone have any advice or tips or similar projects that achieve this?

Search the forums for “filterByFormula” which uses the Airtable API.

Hi! Would this work for multiple users using the app at one time who need to see filtered results? Also, I’ve tried implementing filterbyformula, and other filtering methods as well and all I get is a blank screen where my DVG should display the filtered results. Any reason why that could be? Because when I don’t implement filtering conditions, the pictures show up perfectly from my AirTable on my DVG in the homepage. Is it just impossible to filter and show the picture results on a DVG in thunkable? I’ve tried everything so far and I don’t know if it’s an error on my end or if I should just cut my losses and tr\y a different platform from thunkable.

I answered your related question here: Has anyone here been able to display filtered data (like pictures) in a DVG? - #2 by tatiang.

Does that help clarify at all?

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