Has anyone here been able to display filtered data (like pictures) in a DVG?

I’ve tried every method but I always end up with a blank screen. I want to show pictures in a DVG based on stored variables (ie- the user selects certain things from previous screens that have DVG, and I store their preferences in a stored variable. For ex- in a DVG asking about fruit, a user may select strawberries, then that is stored as a variable for the user, now on the homepage with the other DVG I want to show only pictures that are classified as strawberries (or whatever is stored in the variable) within the fruit column in a table. How do I do this? I want to filter based on stored variables not tangible words like black or pink.

You have two choices:

  1. Use a DVG that syncs to a data source. Changing the values in stored variables normally has no effect on DVG contents. So you’ll need to update the data source instead.

  2. Use cloned components and manually sync stored variables to those components. This is an advanced method of using Thunkable.

Hey! So I have already tried filtering from AirTable into a local database powered by thunkable that is connected to the DVG and it still does not show the desired pictures on my home screen. Can I DM you my code?

Sure. I’ll take a look. I might need access to your AirTable data but even without that, it’s possible I can spot a problem.

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