How to make the search bar work?

This is from my app, I want to filter the data of the DVL when the user types what he/she wants. How can I do it?

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There are some examples of this if you search the forums (or Google with the word Thunkable in the search terms) for filter DVL.

The basic idea is that Data Viewers simply display whatever data is in a data source. So there’s not a whole lot you can do “with the DVL” to filter data. What I do is to use two data sources: one for the content and one for the search results. When the text input changes, I delete all of the rows from the search result data source and then I loop through the content data source rows and any of the rows/cells that contain the text input get added to the search result data source as a new (create) row. So I’m displaying the search results in the DVL, not the content data.

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thank you, I never thought about it in this way, Can you share any example project links?

Like I said, start with searching and if you need help then post a screenshot of what you’ve tried and explain what does/does not work.

If you’re new to Thunkable, I wouldn’t start with this. It’s a pretty complicated set of blocks to understand and troubleshoot.

Thanks, I’ll do it, I’m not new, no worries

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See my example

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