How should I get only filtered values from Airtable?

Hello Community! :slight_smile:
I want to get filtered data from Airtable…
Filtered like,

  • first get a column, named “Content Genre”.
  • Look for each in the column, if Author’s Genres (from his tinyDB) = item (j).
  • Then, collecting every item, from column named “Company Name” (only if the above filter applies well in the “Content Genre” column) and show he filtered list in a listview.

More clearly, if item from column = tinyDB Genre, then take the object Company Name and add it in a listview.
When listview item clicked, look for the name in the column Column Name, get the particular row, and text message it’s “Contact No.” object.

This is what I’ve tried so far - (I’m stuck after if…)

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks a lot! :smile:


I am just stuck with it :pensive:

Hi there,

Have you looked at Domhnall’s instructional post for searching and filtering a Local DB?

It should be very similar!

Of course, you can ignore the steps relating to getting a search term from a Text Input if you are searching for things that match a stored value!

As always, I recommend using a stored variable over a local storage component!

In short, you should create a new list, which I’ll call Result List. If j = value, add j to Result List.

You don’t need that else if block, as the ‘for each item in list’ block will in fact continue with the next iteration of the loop whether j = your search term or not!