Need advice on creating an application.

Hi, I want to create an application that can upload and store files, I tried firebase storage but it appears that it doesn’t seem to work. Anyone have any advice? Sorry for bad english

What kind of files?

not possible.else i guess u mean storing and exportnng pdf and docx

Some pdf docx and images

Isn’t there a way that can be done?
Can i use google drive as webviewer for storing ?

pdf and images can be saved using cloudinary


any tutorial or example for using cloudinary im a newbie here.


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Can I set a naming of the uploaded image files? for example, I upload them, the image files are named 1 2 3 respectively.

Yes you can save the names of the picture in the database easily

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I mean is it possible to set the uploaded file name by using block in thunkable in the picture it showed randomly and I want to set it with a number instead, is it possible?