Need a working version of the demo project actech 11.11.18

Hey. Does anyone have a copy working version of the demo project actech 11.11.18? After a crash in Thunkable X, all copies of this project got messed up and cannot be fixed. I do not want to rewrite this project. I would be very grateful to anyone who will give me a link to the working copy of this project.

I think that’s what you’re looking for:

Thank you very much!

May I ask you one more service. I think you will be interested to know this too, because it concerns the issue of irrecoverable screen failure, which can break the whole project.

You can open the project that you sent me by reference and in the block editor open the scrCustomDrawer screen and scroll it down to afterSliding block. Do you also show errors in blocks and broken blocks “afterSliding” as in the image below?

I’m sorry. I have the same mistake!

Thank you so much for this valuable information!