"Maximum Call Stack Exceeded" message when making a Project Copy on ThunkableX

Hi All

When making a copy of my Project on ThunkableX, I got this message:


I’ve no idea what this means but when I looked into the copied file, the Design elements are OK but there are NO BLOCKS, just a list of my uploaded image files and nothing else. Alex Strashko (actech) has had the same issue when trying to access my previous version. There definitely appears to be a problem, so I trust the staff are looking into it. I also notice that Barrie_Fox had a status 500 error message on Sep 22. This could be a related issue.

I only had one backup on the server, not multiples and as present, I’ve nothing to backup my (so far) single project, since I deleted my previous version believing that I could simply backup my work and use the backup as my working version.

Update: I just checked my app and ALL THE BLOCKS ARE GONE FROM THAT and I therefore can’t do ANY editing. The app works, so the blocks must be on the system that does the “Live Test”, so what’s happened to the blocks?

Any info on this would be gratefully appreciated.

Cheers, Stuart

Is anyone else experiencing issues getting access to their project blocks?

Can you provide me a link to your project?

Hi Paul


Cheers, Stuart

Thanks for the project…I think this is my fault. An infinite loop is caused under some circumstances when loading the new asset selection block. I think I found the problematic code and just submitted it for code review. Hopefully we’ll get a fix deployed early this week. Do not attempt to modify the project, it will probably just make it worse. I’ll let you know when the fix makes it online. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Paul

Thanks for that. I can’t make any changes anyway, since there are no blocks to adjust! :wink:

I’ll look forward to seeing everything back when “normal service resumes!” Loving this ability to have cross platform apps developed though. I’ve a lot to learn about how everything works, especially using absolute positioning on the screen, which needs to work over all devices. As a retired engineer, I’m enjoying the challenge - although it’s not always appreciated by my better half. :wink: :grin:

Cheers, Stuart

Hi Stuart,

I just pushed an update to the system, and your project should be working again. Let me know if you have any problems.

Thanks Paul

A couple of links had errors but I’ve sorted them. Just going to test it on Live now.

Cheers, Sturt