Navigate to page not responding how I expect

Looked around forum and can’t find anyone else with this issue. I have attached a screenshot here:

As you can see, when I click the add job button it should take me to the add job screen. But it doesn’t. It takes me to the job details screen. The same is happening when I click the view requests button. This button should take me to the requests screen but instead takes me to job details screen. I am guessing this is a bug with the latest update? I am using thunkable live version 417. I can’t see any available updates after this.

I’ve never had this problem. Are there other blocks on those screens that have When Screen Opens/Starts events that might be causing this?

Are you using any Navigators?

Any chance you can post a link to the project?

I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong. Stupid mistake. I had an “any button clicked” component to differentiate between a few different buttons with similar function. Within this component but outside of the if statements I had it navigate to job details screen. So any button clicked navigates there. I have put this navigation block within the if statements and it is working as expected now. Didn’t realize that would override the function of the actual button clicked component though so there’s a new thing learned today.

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Thanks for sharing what the issue was and how you fixed it!

There are some ways to limit Any Component blocks’ scope. I believe the easiest way is to place buttons in a Group and then limit the Any Component blocks to that Group rather than the whole Screen.

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I have been doing it by saying if buttons text is x then do desired function. Seems to do the job.