My iPad can't connect to the computer

it simply shows a blank screen on my iPad. on my computer, it still says “Please login to your Thunkable mobile app.” and then the app crashes.

Have you opened Thunkable X IDE on your computer, launched ThunkableLive on your iPad, and after that on your device a white screen?

no, as soon as I open the app it flashes the login screen for like, half a second and then white screen.

Sorry, but I did not understand which app are you opening? Do you open your app?

the iPad app.

ThunkableLive or iOS app that you installed?


Does your project have components? I mean that an empty project will also display an empty white screen on the device.

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Can you give me a link to your application to see it?


A white screen can occur if there is an error in the algorithm or in the implementation of components.

My app Thunkable worked for you?