Screen is white on login

I am using Thunkable for my introductory computer programming class. I have had 5-10 students tell me "every time I try and access thunkable and press Log In the page just turns white and I cannot do anything on it ". Most of the students are working on iPads (not ideal, I know, but that’s what we need to do during distance learning) but for a few of my students the same thing happened on their computer as well. Any suggestions for these students?

try switching their browsers to firefox

We tried Chrome, with no success. We’ll give Firefox a try.

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if not wrks then refrest with ctrl+shift+r
i will try my best to tell right output for your children

I have found the Thunkable Designer website has issues after major ugrades (which is a fairly regular occurence). I hate to say it, but clearing the Chrome cache for the last week often resolves the issue. I’m sure you have already had your students try this, but I wanted to throw it out there. Also try contacting Thunkable Support directly.


Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t had them try clearing the cache, but I will!

That did it, thanks!

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