My IOS app using Airtable is not working!

I public the app on Appstore, when I check the app in Test Flight, when I tap on the app, the whole app is white.
This is the video I recoded:

Here is my project:
My app uses all data from Airtable, on April 14th it works fine, from April 15th my app is all white! (This does not happen with apps that don’t use Airtable)
Please help me soon :frowning:



I mean, your screens are bare-bones simple:

Also, my immediate reaction is WHOA, why did you create so many screens? Surely there’s an easier way to do that with just one or two screens. I guess what’s done is done but… any time I find myself repeating a process more than 3 to 4 times, I stop and figure out how to create the same content dynamically.

But that doesn’t really address your question. My assumption is that you’re getting a white screen because you’re sending the PDF reader an invalid file. And the next thing I notice is that you have an app variable without an initialization or set block on the first screen of your app. I would think that would probably crash an app.

If that’s not it, then you need to separate out the steps here… for example, what happens if you assign a label’s text to that get value block but use an integer (1, 2, etc.) for the row id? Do you see the PDF url you’re expecting? If so, what is the url?

I think this is not the problem, this is my app in Appstore, please check it:

Everything worked fine on 14 April but on 15 April it couldn’t work.
This is my other project, it didn’t have a pdf but met same problem

Hello, I published my app again BUT untick Target Build for iOS 16 and it WORK
Something was wrong with the new SDK :frowning:
Please not your team this problem!

I’m sorry, I don’t work for Thunkable. I’m just another user. You may want to contact Support about this.

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Hello @steven_dau
I checked your app.
I agree with @tatiang that you can use one screen and set the PDF dynamically.

I found the screen you initialize the variable

You’ll have to connect a block to give app variables an initial value. We recommend placing these blocks in the initial app screen.

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Sorry, I thought you are leader of Thunkable team.
Thanks you!

Thanks you @ioannis , My app only view PDF file, please give me an sample project which use database and show PDF file :slight_smile: .

Or you mean that I only need to change my project like what you show me? I only need to add “ “ like you, I don’t need to type anything in this, is this right?

That’s okay. It means I’m one of the leaders in this online community, based on how much I help people. You can read more about the Discourse forum trust levels here.

It’s kind of a strange title and I do see how it can be misleading.

@steven_dau You can have some PDFs files on Google Sheets

You will need to use a variable and save all the values of the field you would like to query.

Then you will need to use the block “In list … find first occurrence of the item”

And then get all the PDF you need using the result as a row id.

Here is the project that I used: