ListViewer seen on PC simulation but not if the App is downloaded in my Iph

I go directly to a page with the following info
1)From the simulation on my PC I can see

It’s what I want to see .
When I download this App to my Iph 10 I see

I don’t see what I can do , can some one help ?

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This is what I get from my Iphone

I have replace the elements of my airtable with shorter informations

Privaty-04 2022-02-14

The page of my Iphone does not display them (it remains two blank colums) !!!
But the simulation on my Pc work fine , I conclude dat is not a question of size of the data from my information in Airtable

When running the downloaded iOS app:

  1. What is the value of the green error block?

  2. What is the length of the green rows block?

  3. Is it possible your Airtable data is set to private?

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Hello tatiang

  1. there are no error seen
  2. The length of the green rows block ??? I m not sure to get it .the length of the record are really long

  1. There is a protection on this table because er is user information in it , but if you sign up and sign in you must bhave access on these info’s , i m not sure that tis answer your question
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of you want to get access to the airtable , in other word do you want the user ID and the password

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Have you tried the project from your phone using the Thunkable Live app?
Does the List Viewer shows in the Thunkable Live app in the phone?

If you want to give someone access to your table or Airtable Base, then just use the Share button. No need to give anyone your ID/password.

I’m just looking at your code and I can see a number of ambiguities. I wish you can explain them.

  • You are using app variable J in the function but not used anywhere in this function.
  • You are using 2 list variable without any obvious use as you are assigning one to the other without and condition or amendment.
  • You are testing the green error block inside the loop which does not make it workable.

These are my observation on your shared code.

@muneer j is used as the object in the get property blocks.

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The app variable J is in capital and the one in the loop and used in the property block is small.

Sorry, I should make it clear.

I use glasses so basically I look at the code with 4 eyes.

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The is a initialisation not well done for the but seams to work !!! I get the list in my PC emulation
Indeed the error in the loop is not seen , iI will put the error outside the loop .
I will correct these mistake and make the test one more time

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I see now what you mean. Yes, J was not used but j was.

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Thank you, I needed your assurance.

I have reinitialise the J (replace the “J” by “j” ) and put the Error outside the loop

The result on my PC emulator is still ok

Uploading: Privaty-11 2022-02-14 .png…

I don’t get any error.
I will download the App to my Iphone and I will keep you posted

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Variables inside loops such as (i and j) are auto initialized and do not require any initialization blocks.

Your latest code still have the green error block inside the loop. It should be outside the loop.

The loop should be inside the condition to test the green error block.

You do not need two lists. Add the items directly to app variable Listof Privaty You do not need to assign one list to another every round of the loop.

I have remove the initialisation (not needed).
The error is outside de For each item in the list . After this loop I have a If error Then show the error into LabelResult
I have remove the Listof PrivatyTmp .My list is still ok on my PC emulation

I download this last version to my Iphone ; I will keep you posted

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In any case I think that you will prefer this version :slight_smile:

Have you tested your project using the Thunkable mobile app? This saves you the download and installation process.

ahhh ok I do it now

Hummm the same problem !!!