Airtable attachment field as a file for PDFViewer

I have an app where I am trying to use a field in Airtable set up as an attachment field that contains a PDF file. I want to use this field as the file attribute in PDFViewer. Here is what I have:

If I click LIVE TEST in the browser I see the first page of the PDF. The Thunkable Live app on my iPhone shows a white screen. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Hi @thegoldennotesappd5e :wave: and welcome to the community.

This might be an issue with the live testing app on iOS.

We just pushed an update for iOS last night, would you mind trying again and see if the error persists?

Also, did you consider using the MediaDB in your app to store the PDFs instead?

For the record, I have downloaded every Thunkable Live update that has come up and nothing works. I looked at your documentation on MediaDB and it looks like the only interface is to UPLOAD media to Cloudinary. If I have the PDFs on Cloudinary in MediaDB, how do I ‘show’ a PDF on the app??? Your examples are way too few! And I have at least 50 books to put up, so I hope Cloudinary has some way to do this easier than me building an app to upload my real app’s content!

You sound like me with all the books on PDF.
and, for the record, when you upload to cloudinary, you immediately have access to the URL for the file.

when you have a URL, you can link this to a webviewer or image component. for the PDF, use the webviewer.

Your best bet would probably be(if you ever want to add books), to save all the links to airtable and create a list that allows you to pick a book and have it displayed. This way you can dynamically add/remove books without republishing your app.

can’t you just drag a folder of PDF’s into your cloudinary file folder in your browser?

it’s not perfect. (the drawback of not planning a video well!)

Thank you for the suggestion, Jared! Since I posted this, I managed to create a Wordpress site and now I am looking at ways to convert that to an app. I will try your suggestion as well, just to see if I can make it work and see if it is better than a converted website. Much appreciated!