My ERP API for Thunkable App Integration

Dear Thunkable Team,
I got the ERP documentation from my ERP service provider, please check the attached the API documentation and let me know is it possible to connect this API with Thunkable app. I want to control the user creation and login control from my ERP, I want add to cart option in thunkable app and want to receive the orders from thunkable app into ERP. Please note that all product information and product images should be derived from the ERP, please check the ERP API and let me know the possibilities.

please check the following API:

You should be able to. The first step is to run the POST command in something like Postman (outside of Thunkable) and make sure you can get it to work. If that works, then you can look at examples of POST calls on the forums and set up your blocks in Thunkable.

It’s going to look something like this: How to use web api with post + parameters and with form - #11 by muneer or this: Post header - SET HEADERS method - #9 by umester2020mxtl.

But again, the first step is to make sure it works outside of Thunkable.

Dear Tatiang, Could you share any video or tutorial for API setup in Thunkable, or please check my api for compatibility with Thunkable.

Hi @sales3mahamv, we appreciate you reaching out for assistance with your app. However, there is already an open post exactly the same as this one.

To avoid spamming the boards with the same questions and answers, we are going to lock this thread and you can continue on the original post.

Thank you!