Hi i,m New user Need help for creating App

i,m a new one plz help me how can i create a App

Hello @borki

Here are the docs for Thunkable X (apps made on this platform supports iOS and android both) :point_down:



Below are the docs for Thunkable Classic (only for Android)


Also there is Youtube channel which contain lots of video tutorials :point_down:

Thunkable Youtube Channel

Have a look and I am sure it will provide you with a good start to create your first app.

Best luck for your app creation :+1: :slight_smile:

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@borki, after creating apps you can publish them to google play by google play console and to earn from those apps you can use In-app-Billing or admob on thunkable classic or use “strip payment” on thunkable X. If you can’t use any of these you can use Purchases when downloading. You can add them by google play console. To get google play console you need to pay $25 for it or if you are publishing to app store you need to pay $99 per year.

I don’t know much about app store! :wink:

Good luck and happy thunking!.. :+1:


From the question asked, it seems that @borki has just started to use this platforms and is yet to create a full app.

Let @borki learn and explore these both awesome platforms, create some app and and then move to publishing part (which is the very last part in app building process) :wink: :slight_smile:

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