Looking for Thunkable Guru


Looking for a Thunkable guru to help get a POC app built. Mobile integration with existing backend. Need to know their way around:

  1. Web API’s
  2. JSON handling
  3. Notifications
  4. Good UI design and usability

Must be available in the next day or so to start.



That’s not a huge amount of lead time Steve!

In saying that, there are a number of experts, both here in the Community and further afield who could build something like this.

What sort of timeline are you working to? Is there budget for it? Do you have a project spec?

Feel free to DM me your response and I can introduce you to someone suitable/available


Thanks Dom,

  1. Who needs lead time ? Either available or not :slight_smile:
  2. Timelines - given the promise of Thunkables abilities, I’d suggest 3 days
  3. Budget exists
  4. I am ex BA so spec will be top notch. Period.

Any other questions ?


My main though here is that most of the nocode devs we work with would either be on a project or have some smaller ongoing retainer work, the person who’s available to start a project on a Saturday may not be the best person to get this over the line?

The platform is pretty capable, but it depends on who’s using it. Have you reached out to the business team?

Business Analyst?

I can send you over a link and we can have a quick chat about this.


Sent you over a quick email there now @collabor8te.projectq


If you need, I did integration with web API with different backend (mongodb, firestore, coda,… )
so integration, web api’s, json it is my daily work.

I am available so let me know…


A little more information:

I’ll be building a generic mobile application, which compliments a generic desktop application and a generic backend platform that controls everything that has already been built. The mobile application will have a set number of screens that each have a different purpose (essentially a different set of controls in order to display the relevant pieces of data as required) - so, for example 3 pages with the different data list layouts - the backend API would serve data and specify which format the data is to be displayed in and the mobile app would then know that when that page is navigated to, it uses ‘template page 1’ for example.

So the list of modules (aka think of pages listed in a drawer) will also come down from an api and therefore the list of available pages and their names is populated based upon the user’s role and/or groups in the backend. All of the backend and API’s is built and is in production today.

As a decent developer I could do this myself in code and after having a play could do it in Thunkable too but it’s not the best use of my time - hence my request.

Feel free to DM me if interested :slight_smile:


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