ERP to Thunkable Mobile App Integration

Hi, I want to know that is it possible to integrate the thunkable mobile app to oracle and java base ERP, please help me. I want to receive the order from buyer to my ERP via the mobile appl

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As long as these services provide an API (HTTP) connection, of course, you can integrate them into your Thunkable app. We will be happy to support you in your Thunkable journey!

Thanks for your reply, please confirm that is it possible to receive the input from thunkable app to ERP in real-time.

@sales3mahamv Which ERP do you want to use? We need to check if it has an API connection.

Our ERP front end is Java based and back end is Oracle based.

Dear Sir,
currently following mobile app is connected to our ERP, this app is made by our ERP provider, but now I want to make my own app independently, please check the following app at the google play store. please check this app and suggest me as well.

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What are you wanting to do? What have you already made or tried to make using Thunkable with regard to this?

I want to make a better user interface and need full control of my own app, currently, my app is controlled by our ERP provider.

And what specifically do you need help with?

I need the help for API integration, is it possible to integrate the Thunkable app with our Java and Oracle based ERP to make sale order?

Every API is different but if you have documentation for an endpoint, it’s possible to figure out how to set that up in Thunkable.

Ok thanks, could you confirm the possibility, if I share the API documentation with you?

It’s up to you. If you want to share how the API works then someone here may be able to help you.

I do not work for Thunkable so I can’t guarantee anything but you can either share that information here in the forums or you can contact Thunkable support to see if they can help you privately.

How can I connect with Thunkable customer support, there is no option, please help me.

You would need to have at least a Pro license.

Thank you for your reply.

Could you please share the API documentation?

We would be happy to offer support.

Thanks for your reply, I will share my api documentation soon.
How can I add my products to thunkable app, please help me.

You can create a local table and add them or create a Google spreadsheet and connect it with your project

Do you have restAPI access to your data?

Yes, currently another app is connected to our ERP via API connection, this app is build and maintaned by another developer, but now I want to make my own app by using thunkable and I want to connect it to my ERP. Means I want to receive the orders from the buyer in my ERP directly.
Please check the following app: