My apps created on Thunkable!

*This latest app focuses on Brazil, as it serves as a complement to the board game “Super Banco Imobiliário”


how did you done that to get more icons on the actionbar?
and oh did you get the borders between the elements on screen

Simple apps, simple design - I like it! :+1::smiley:


The Action bar is a Horizontal Arrangement, and I made a shadow in Photoshop to put below it, the icons are just buttons :stuck_out_tongue: And I separated the elements on the screen with Arrangements too.


I always try to make the app design as simple as possible so that the interface becomes easier and intuitive to use :blush:

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What about your ghost catcher game?Like

I had to take a break in development because of college exams :stuck_out_tongue: After finishing all the tests, I will continue making the game

how about your pedometer apps? It is simple . but can i know how you create it?

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Of course!

(initially I did in App Inventor, and later I migrated to Thunkable)

Pedometro.aia (433,0 KB)


Thankyou so much for sharing ! You are the best :blush:

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Hey! The color of the status bar is changing with the colors of the app! How can you do that? Can you explain please?

I use the Taifun Tools extension, I only change the color of the bar as I need with these blocks: :blush:



Thanks for the info!

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Boa tarde, gostaria de saber como você fez a estrutura do Banco Imobiliário! achei muito bom!
se puder, (e quiser), mande pra meu whatsapp uma foto? +55 (21) 9.9162-7612

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@porto0066 what about sending a PM in this case? probably posting your phone number in a public forum is not a good idea, is it?

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