My App crashes when I open it

There is a lot of bugs… My android version is 6.0.1. I cant open any thunkable APK App…
In thunkable LIVE there are bugs with Airtable too…

Please help… I have this problem since a week aproximately…
. Thanks

I just want to stop you there @Leito and point out that our incredible engineering team have worked tirelessly over that past few days to fix A LOT of bugs. I’m happy to help you out with any issues you may have but statements like this aren’t helpful.

To begin the debugging process, please create a blank project and download it. This app should not crash. Let me know what your findings are.

There are a couple of threads open about this already and, similar to these, I’d be willing to bet that you issue is with variables rather than Airtable component.

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Yes, you are right, my apologyze to you for the words I ve used, I Edit them. I will start to testing
step by step, thanks!

Here is an example about the crash 11

Do anyone knows where could be the mistake? Thanks

Can you also include a list of the exact table names in your Airtable base.

Remember these are case sensitive. They might also need to be URL encoded?

Also, what’s the update on this:


I created a new "blank Proyect. CreateRow it works, always worked. But UpdateRow or GetRow, doesnt works, Here is the example

Okey, I was hours and hours testing and testing. Before the updates I never had problems with the APKs. After this happened, when I open apps with more than x screens. the app crashes but only in my phone (Android version 6.0.1) , I tried in other phone Android 6.0.1 and I could open the App.
I’ m sure that isnt about my blocks because are the same apps that in the past I could download and use with any problem with the same phone.
I saw also that the naviting screens block was modified, I would like to know if that could be the problem, in cases where there are a lot of screens.
If do anyone knows what the problem might be it would be of great help

Do I understand correctly that both phones use the same version of Live?

Unfortunately, my experience shows that even in the same versions of operating systems, it may be that one phone works, and the other does not work, or on one version something does not work as well as on another version of the operating system. For this reason, I was forced to conclude that Thunkable X is best suited for creating apps for yourself and specifically for your phone (or for a small group of your friends). I want to say that this is not a problem with Thunkable X, but rather a problem with all mobile development. I have a friend who writes for Android in Delphi (and this is a fairly serious commercial product) and I keep hearing from him that someone has something that doesn’t work on Android.

Another big problem is that when new Live updates appear, some changes in blocks often occur, which may even cause previously debugged blocks to stop working. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem, but the simpler and smaller the application and the fewer screens it has, the easier it will be to re-debug.

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I’m talking about the same version of Android, 2 weeks ago I had no problem with these same phones. But yes, I have heard some users who have not been able to open the application over time. But I would like to believe that it is the smallest percentage of people
This is very sad because my app in this last time grew quite. Now with these updates I see that I can’t even open it, I am sure it is a bug or error because it has never happened to me before.
I have put a lot of effort into thunkable, I believe and I bet that they are going to be able to improve these things, or maybe I wish so.

Thank you very much for your advice! Are you saying that probably I should have to make the app again? Did I get it right?

No. In many cases, developers can fix the project if something is broken in it.

But now there are problems related to the latest Live updates. You need to be patient and wait for the correction. You don’t need to re-create the app, but I think you can now see for yourself that big and complex apps can cause big problems. Each user should think about it and decide what to do next.

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Thanks for your tips. Would you recommend me to start learning delphi?

No, I just said that there may be problems when using different programming languages. If you want to create reliable, commercial applications for Android, then study Kotlin/Java and Android Studio. This is very difficult. Therefore, you must decide that if you want to seriously develop Android applications, you will have to spend a lot of effort and time to learn programming languages. If you don’t want to do this, then use blocks, but know that they are by definition impossible to create a high-quality commercial application. Why? Because such platforms are simply not designed for this purpose.


there may be a problem that there is not enough RAM or you do not have enough memory

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There’s not a chance that I would bother trying to learn a programming language. But Thunkable apps do appear a bit clunky and slow to respond. Surely with faster phones and Thunkable improvements, they can become good enough…even though they must always be a few steps behind.

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You have made your choice - a win in simplicity, but a loss in other parameters.

Visual programming has great potential, but it is not yet time to implement it.

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Hello everyone, I’m new in Thunkable Community. I developed my first App these days: it works fine on Thunkable Live companion App, but crashes when downloaded and installed on my Lenovo P2.
Android version is 7.0.
I tried, as suggested, to create and download a “blank” App. Unfortunately, it acts exactly the same way: simply crashes when opening it.
Deleting cache doesn’t help to fix this issue ,as well as rebooting the phone.
Could anyone help me? There is any known incompatibility with my device or Android version?
Many thanks for helping me.

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Hey @meaccig, welcome to the Community.

Thanks for the thorough report - that sounds most unusual.

Is there any error or message when the app crashes?

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I wish it had been that. But no. Hi @meaccig This last weeks there was some problems with updates. I m having the same problem with my phone.

Dom, in my case. I m tryng with 2 phones, same android version.
And in one of them, the Thunkable APK crashes during the slashscreen. The particular thing is that I had never had problems with that phone

Same questions so @Leito:

Did you try with installing a blank app, and how did that work for you?

When your own app crashes, do you see any error codes or messages?


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I tried with smaller Apps. With smaller Apps I didnt have problems. The App crashes during the Slashscreen, so the only message that appears, is the App was stopped.

A very important detail, is that in the past with the exactly same apps I didnt have any trouble to download and use them with that phone.
I tried relasing like 10 gb of memeory as @adidastyle69ols said. but is the same