Music Player With Airtable

Just see

This is airtable
Music Player Link Thunkable

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If u will download the app from apk then u can also put some more songs by connecting your app to airtable and put songs in it… Because I have Tested wait…
This is my airtable sheet

And this is my mobile app which I downloaded from apk

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U can create many songs in airtable as it gives 2gb storage of 1200cells
so no need to worry for the storage of thunkable app. Just connect it with airtable then u can put songs how much u want thank just see the app and give likes

I don’t know it it’s legal to store copyrighted songs in a personal database. It’s definitely not legal to share them with other people this way.


hmm, maybe @techcoder.thunkerbro should add an automation for this sheet.

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Hi @tatiang
I was making this app for myself. I just shared this because u can get idea how to make it so I shared

you can reply to @tatiang privately then.

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