My Second Ever Music Player
Don’t go hard on me because I am just 7 years old, don’t know much about coding,
and I am new to this whole thing so I don’t get what links to use and bla bla bla
can one of u guys tell me how this community thing works?
Also, pls dont change anything about it. I like it just the way it is and I don’t have Pro subscriber so I could only do 6 songs. that’s why I have more than 1 music players.
Also on the song Savage, wait a few seconds because that takes time to load
Also a shoutout to tatiang, backscratcher2007, goutham, and garvitkohli755equjoe

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Hi @sr93339t, welcome to Thunkable!

Just so you know, if you post a link to your project, it makes a copy for the person who opens it (if they choose to remix it). No one else will be able to edit your original project. Only you.

I wasn’t able to open your link. I would recommend sharing a new link to your project.

Edit: even though it didn’t open from the link, it copied your project into my list of projects and I was able to open it from there.

How does this community work? It works exactly how you’re using it: share interesting things you’ve made, ask questions about Thunkable, or give/get help with projects.

The next button didn’t work after I started playing the first song. I would recommend stopping the music when the Next or Previous button is pressed:


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Thank you so much. This has been really helpful. I will start working tomorrow because I have to go somewhere right now.

@sr93339t Welcome to the community. We are excited to see what you build! :slight_smile:

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Thank you

hey bros
There is a mistake in your project that if I am listening to a song and i want to go to the next the both songs will play.
you should do one thing that if button next is clicked stop sound abc and play sound xyz

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Hope you understood

Another tip, you said you couldn’t add more songs because there was no space, you could upload to Airtable. Once you link your table(see hyper-link) you can upload your songs to airtable in the attachments field( or you could right click on a filed > Customise field type > select attachments)

I know this might be a but hard for a beginner but we learn from trying :smiley:
Good luck( and nice project)


Thank you so much backscratcher2007 and garvitkohli755equjoe! Those tips were very helpful!

just one question. how do I get the api key

The API key for Airtable? You can Google that. If it’s for some other API, please explain.

Ok! Thank you! Also where do I get the base because It won’t let me select the base