Morning Torch with Quotes and WallPapers

I am happy to inform that the new feature of Wallpaper is available now.

I thank our Power Thunkers @Boban_Stojmenovic and @Taifun who helped me a lot in completing my project.

Congrats thumbs up!

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please tell me how to create wallpaper app on firebase data

with firebase you cannot control the images properly. use web component

please explain i tried but fail every time

Here is the aia file

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thank for aia.
i want to make an app for my shop of ladies wear cloth
so i want to make a separate button of kurti new/trending design image like :

i have more then 1000+ image data of kurti design i can upload on firebase is it possible to show in app like that app ?

Fire base is not necessary. If you want to use firebase you need to use along with cloudinary.

Use web component to show the images.

If you want a shopping cart, i have no idea.

Upload your images to your web hosting account.

If you dont have hosting account then create a free account in to upload your images


I want to make cloudinary/firebase wallpaper app…

when button click open grid list of images
when click image From Grid list open separate image with fit screen with save,download,share option when i slide left or right screen change to next/previous image.
(Approx 1000+ images) is it possible? or not please learn step by step.

there is some extension called card view extension.

ask @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu about this extension. he may help you.

in your aia. which changes to do please reply

I told you earlier to open one free hosting account at 000webhost

do that and contact me on pm

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Hello @indian i like your app. Could You tell me how can connect this app to my website?
I have free web hosting website but when i put the URL of my website on block and use the app, it does showing error “Specified URL is not Valid” :frowning:

How can one run an app in website?! I have no idea.

So, how can your app is running?

My app is running on android platform