White Screen / Unresponsive when uploading image to Cloudinary MediaDB

Hi All,

I’m trying to upload a photo to Cloudinary Media DB and then store the MediaURL to Firebase for retrieval later. However, I’m hitting a couple of problems as follows (blocks and video at bottom):

  1. After I choose a photo to upload the app screen goes white and is unusable until I kill the app and restart. I’ve tried setting the screen to wait and then auto navigate to another screen but its completely unresponsive.
  2. Not all photos are uploaded the MediaDB and if they are, they tend to take several minutes to appear in the MediaDB Dashboard. I can take several photos (same code) and after restarting the app each time following the white screen, only some of them will be uploaded. I wonder if this is because of point 1 and whether it is crashing?
  3. I’m unable to get the media URL inserted as an object of a list item, in my FireBase DB. I’ve actually copied the block from another screen on my app which I was helped with through this community, so I’m pretty sure the block is correct. However, if I assign the MediaURL to the cloud variable (StoredPhotoURL) without setting it to be an object, I can get it to appear in Firebase (I acheived this once).

So 3 problems in one but if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
I’ve also toyed with AirTable as a repository before realising that although AirTable can store attachments and photos natively, I can’t do this through Thunkable, which is a shame. So if I have to use Cloudinary, I might as well use Firebase. (And I’ll use it for user authentication later).

Lastly, is there an API command (or can I use the webAPI block) to resize the images before upload to cut down on storage space / upload time?

Thanks in advance!!!


Screen recording of my phone to show the problem (it’s an mp4 inside the zip)
2020_03_15_17_50_32.zip (3.9 MB)

It’s not just you. Firebase is causing all these white screens and delays I made a few thread about this yesterday hopefully @Mark can fix this

@farhanlatif027i3df Thanks for the response. You’re correct in that I am using firebase but as a test, I’ve removed the cloud variable linked to firebase to instead use local stored variables and I’m still getting the white screen (behaves same way as the video in the zip in my original post). Here are the blocks:

I’ve also found your post so I’ll add to that too

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Kindly report this on Thunkable github they will respond their quicker thanks :slight_smile:

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