Randomly Screen started going white

Everything was working fine and I have tested this many times and I haven’t made any changes to this screen but today when I tested the screen keeps going white I don’t understand why could anyone from Thunkable take a look it ? I can PM my project


The issue was firebase. I had a firebase recalling system so in case when you submit info and app crashes in middle of sign up the next time you sign up the details were already present but if you are first time user you have no previous recalling data and I think that’s why it crashes I removed the recalling firebase blocks and it doesn’t seem to crash anymore but could you look into it? Because it wouldn’t crash before and recalling during sign up is very useful For me

That doesn’t look great @farhanlatif027i3df

Just so we can try to reproduce this issue can you tell us:

Are you testing on Android?
Is this an installed apk or are you publishing as a web app?
Are you clicking on something on the screen, or does it go blank before you click on anything.


It surely does not look great

I’m testing on iPhone 6s Plus and this is the downloaded version

No I’m not using web download

And there was a screen and button before it and I press the button and it navigates to the screen with pink background as seen in gif and within 1 second it goes white

And worst of all this is the main sign up screen
I have the worst luck I swear :joy:

This will be very hard to reproduce on your end… let’s try an other approach.

Are there any invisible components in this screen?

What do your screen.loads and screen.opens look like?

It basically takes text input values and save it on real time db and airtable. And once you hit submit. On same screen the column with text inputs disappear and column with picture holder/ buttons appear where you upload your pictures and hit submit.

I think the issue might be camera because when I downloaded previous version 5 min ago the camera was not opening then I downloaded new app and camera was working

It’s happening same in Live mode. Screen goes white

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Ok - I can’t promise a quick fix here since we’ll have to test the button, navigate to screen block, realtime db, text input, column, Airtable and camera components - thats a lot of combinations to try.

If you can find any way of reproducing this error in a simpler, sample app, please let us know as it will save a huge amount of time.

Yes I’ll keep it in mind.

There was also another place where screen would go white which I think would make it easier for you to diagnose but unfortunately since I deleted my log in details and I need to pass through pink screen to get in app I can’t do anything :confused:

If you have my project when I’m at “home” screen and when you press profile picture circle just above it a small dot will appear you click on it type the secret code if you do not have it I can PM you which will navigate you to a different. This used to work but when I tested recently it would go white too

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Thank you!

Yes I did before you told me :sweat_smile:

Hi guys, had the same issue earlier today.

Most probably, this issue is related to firebase. In my case, i just removed a “AddListener” block from the “open screen” block, and it did not happen again.

EDIT: There was 2 blocks with Add Listener. I had to remove only one of them, in which case there was not a value to get yet.

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This is very helpful to know - thanks @dns.prado.s3vy

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Glad it’s not just me but I do not have add listener mine is basic save data

It’s firebase

Now I’m getting crash on different screen I really can not work or publish my app if I have unexpected random crashes like these kindly look into this ASAP


I edited my post twice and the only reason I’m make this is because I got no response kindly tell me if there is a fix in progress or the issue has been ignored

@domhnallohanlon I’m getting similar behaviour which I logged here: White Screen / Unresponsive when uploading image to Cloudinary MediaDB

I’ve updated it this morning to test it without using Firebase cloud variables but still uploading images to Cloundinary and I’m getting the white screen crash still… Just in case this helps, it might not be isolated to FireBase

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Hi Guys. Im still getting this error because of listening to firebase without any file in my query. Have you guys taken a look at it already?

I got it solved through my OWN attempts (Thanks Thunkable :p)

Basically it would crash if I was recalling a value from firebase that had no previous value or has a value

Secondly the label or button or where you are recalling data is an empty string you need to put something in these label or buttons. Lmk if it works

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