More Live Testing - Less Repetition

With the Component Tree in Thunkable X you can quickly and easily reorder your screens.

By default, every time you create a new screen it goes to the bottom of the list:


But, you can drag and drop the screens to any position you like to change the order they open:


While this is great for editing and updating your app, it’s even better to save you time while live testing.

Let’s imagine that your home screen has a splash screen that you have to watch over and over while testing, or even worse, what if you have a log in screen that you have to enter your details into every single time you make a tiny change to your app?

Simply drag the screen you’re working on to the top of the tree and now when you live test it will be the first screen you see.


Hopefully this will save you lots of time when live testing, and when you’re done you just drag and drop the screen back to its original position.