[Solved] How to order screens in the build environment?

When I copy a screen from one app to another, it gets pasted into the line of screens across the top of the build environment window. But, it just tags onto the end of the line, which is workable but not necessarily intuitive. Let’s say that I have five screens created then import a copied splash screen from another app, it gets pasted in over at the right hand side, when really …I want it at the very left hand side.
Is there any way to do this? I accept that I might be a bit OCD here.

Hi Penny.

Everything in that left side vertical “list” interface (where it shows your screens and components) is drag-able. So, to move a screen, just drag it up or down to move it left or right. You can also use this dragging to move a screen in to and out of a navigator component, too.


Thanks Jeff!
I had never Thunk of that.