Migration of projects from the old pro plan to the upcoming new pro plan -- what will happen?

Hi there,

I’d like to ask the Thunkable team a clarification for the new pricing model that was announced yesterday. So, simply put, I have the pro subscription currently and might be having over 50 private projects there (the new model seems to limit private projects to 50 for pro subscriptions; haven’t also really counted my current number but it’s high, something like 180), so what happens when I’m automatically moved to the new model? Will I somehow lose some of my projects? Should I somehow anticipate this and delete some of them? And overall, will my old projects transfer smoothly to the new plan?

Would be great to know. Thank you!


You posted the same issue twice.

Please delete one of them. There is no need for duplicate issues.

I have the same doubt.

I currently have 23 pages+(pages, not projects) in my free account. What will happen to them after July 8th? It’s impossible for me to narrow 23 pages down to 10 projects. Will this 10 project cap apply to only new users, or is it the same for old users as well?