Maths Quiz App 2017

After another late night I’ve managed to get this working:

Full write up (and access codes!) This evening but in the meantime if anyone could support by retweeting this post it would be hugely appreciated!




Thanks for all the likes and tweets today folks - they were greatly appreciated by supporters and sponsors alike! :smile:

By way of a little background, every year the university runs two maths (math!?) table quizzes for 1st and 2nd year students in our neighbouring schools (13-15 y.o. students).

Today we had 88 quizzers and 200+ audience members so I built this app with Thunkable + Cloudstitch.

The idea was that members of the audience could see any relevant pictures on the projector and follow along with the questions on their phone.

This morning, to prevent cheating, the rounds were PIN protected but as of now I’ve updated the app to remove this restriction so you’re free to try it out for yourself.

Thanks again everyone!



Pl. Share aia file