Margin appearing on scrollable column


An unexpected 30-50px bottom margin appears when I set a column to scrollable. It just started happening probably a week ago and it appears on all my projects that’s why it’s a big user interface issue for me. It doesn’t appear when I test on the iOS Thunkable Live app but it appears when I download the app and test on my iPhone.

Screenshots and steps to recreate below:

  1. Add a column
  2. Set it to scrollable

I created a simple project to demonstrate it. Here is the link:

Attached is also a screenshot from my iPhone 7+. It also happens to iPhone XR.

Anybody else experiencing this issue?

Help please…


Check it out

Did you just put a 10px top padding?

This wont work because then all my columns will have a 10px padding on top which doesn’t look good. Also, when it’s on an iPhone XR or iPhone 11, the bottom margin added by the scrollable column is much bigger than just 10px.

Delete the margin and try again


I’m not sure I understand. I didn’t add any Margin in the code or column properties so not sure what you mean by “Delete the margin”. The Margin just appears magically when the the app is downloaded on an iPhone.


I updated the test project. I made it simpler so it’s easier to understand the problem. A part of the container of the scrollable column appears at the bottom on a “built app” on iPhone. It appears on all my scrollable columns on all my projects and its a big user interface issue that I’m having. Attached is the screenshot.

Please help. This is preventing me from publishing my app.

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My scrollable collumns are all messed up. A few days ago I had the white bar like you. Now the white bar is gone, but all of my “Any Component” generated buttons no longer work and the listviews don’t even show, unless I turn the device to landscape.

I also can’t copy some of my apps anymore. I think there was a bug introduced in the last couple of days.

@maptheunknown @jared @athornock

Just a quick update on relation to this, we’ve been aware of this issue for a while now and a fix is in train.

You can expect it to be out in the coming weeks.

@maptheunknown, although it might not aesthetically perfect, this white space won’t prevent you from publishing your app. Let me know if you need any help with this!

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Thank you for the update on this! This helps me know what’s going on and what direction I should head.

BTW, did you get my PM on not being able to copy apps?

Hey thanks for the update. Looking forward for the fix. Please keep us posted.

Regarding the publishing, you are correct. Technically I can publish but functionally it won’t pass quality team because of the aesthetic bug.


Hello @domhnallohanlon,

Any update on this issue?