Scrollable Column sizes issue in both Web LIve Test and Android Live Test

I’ve got some pretty weird column behaviors when scrollable = true.

Here is the example project :Thunkable

There are 2 frames in the screen. Both are set to scrollable and the height is relative at 40%. Both have colored dashed borders to illiustrate the issue.

The errors are different for the web and android platforms
.for the web app, the 2 frames fill the entire screen, seeminly like “Fill container” You will notice the double border for both scrollable columns. The columns are NOT sizing as specified (40% each)

The android app has a more catastrophic issue.The double border illustrates that the 40% appears to be applied to both the inner “Frame” and the outer “Frame”. This leads to the usable error within the column (innermost frame) to be dramatically reduced. To compound the issue, the 2 “outer” frames are not sized to 40% of the screen size each. It almost seems like 40% of the screen is used, each column gets 40% of reduced screen areas, and each inner frame gets 40% of the column’s allocated area.

Turning off scrolling eliminates the double border. For the Web app, the sizing issues remains the same. For the Android app, the sizing issue resolves when scrolling is false.

To work around this issue, create a Non-scrollable column set to 40%.Then move the scrollable column into the non-scrollable column. Set the height of the scrollable column to Fill container.I love me some Matryoshka dolls.

GitHub:Scrollable Column sizes Incorrect in both Web LIve Test and Android Live Test · Issue #721 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub