Making a Input Alert

Hello all,

I recently came across this when playing around with Thunkable X.

This is a way to add alerts with text inputs (at least on iOS, idk about android)

To do this, you will need the following components:

  • Webviewer

You will also need a simple HTML File, this is what calls the alert, I have included a sample to download here, you will need to open it in your word-editing software, and change what the alert should be, labelled “Prompt” and the background color to match your app. You will also need to re-download this as a .html file. (Community wont let me upload)

HTML Download:
alert.txt (152 Bytes)

Then its time to get coding,

Open a new project in Thunkable X, and upload the HTML file to your files, then set the url of the Webviewer to what you named your .html file, open up your app, and you see that an alert with a input pops up!


I hope this helps you all out!



This is great. I can see many use cases for this. Thanks for sharing @ianphaas!



Any idea on how to send that information back to Thunkable X?

Because right now it doesn’t do anything.

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I love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: :heart:

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