Alert with user prompt

Hello, is it possible to show an alert message with a prompt for user input and then handle this input for next steps?

yes, this kinda thing should work…

That’s not what I am looking for. I wish to have a popup screen (I suppose with alert component) that allows the user to type something in a text input case and I can evaluate the answer (like a password).

have you solved this and how. I like to do the same…

@WallaceGromit @funhall
I think you could accomplish this by:

on action → make all components invisible,
make row with warning, submit button, and text input visible;

on button press → make row with warning invisible,
make all previously invisible components visible

think dynamically. your screen doesnt have to be static, you just need to be crafty and include some hidden components that only show when you need.

you could also accomplish this by adding a row that appears on some desired action but instead of the default position setting, set it to be in the center of the screen with an opaque background with the text input, a label, and a button. set the zindex to 1, backgroud to white or any color.

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thanks for your reply. I need to fix it in the mittle of the screen on fixed possition(. So the position have to be absolute. And as I know it dosent work on android if I hide it…

Do you mean, on android you are unable to set a rows visibility to false?

I set the position for that single row to absolute and all other “position” settings for that row to “center”. I

Does this help?

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