[Solved] How can I create a popup modal/alert with a text input?

In App Inventor, the Notifier component has the option “ShowTextDialog”:

with a result like this:

However, I can’t find anything like this with the Alert component in Thunkable.

Please help me, thanks.

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We don’t even have the feature in thunkable. I would like that feature too.

So is there any workaround to it? I don’t want to have a separate text box on the main screen, I want it to be like a pop-up that asks for the input.

In DnD you can create a custom pop-up and make IT appear/disappear using the set visible block.

Just Place your pop-up above Any other component in the component tree to make sure it shows over all elements.

Sadly if you’re using StP that’s not possible since components with An fixed position have been removed.
But they Will be added back this year.


umm… What’s DnD and StP? Sorry Idk much about Thunkable

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dnd=drag and drop
stp=snap to place

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We won’t be working on fixing that feature unfortunately. At this point in time we’re working on improving the drag and drop experience so that we can eventually fade out the snap to place builder altogether. It is doubtful that many improvements will come to the snap to place platform, potentially we may fix things that are breaking apps but we will not be bringing new features back to them and working on a lot minor of bugs related to snap to place as we continue to forge forward with the drag and drop interface

You can use a group to create a pop-up with a text input and show and hide it the same as you would any other alert. All that an alert is, is a premade component that we simplified for you to use. However, you can surely show your own alerts and create the logic around them using groups, buttons, and in your case a text input.

I knew I could use a layout and show/hide it, but I just wanted the pop-up to show over the other components so the user enters that at the time. Well, guess I’ll have to use the show/hide textbox method.

I hope this doesn’t happen, as many people (including me) are trying to transfer our AppInventor apps to ios via Thunkable. If the drag and drop option becomes permanent it’ll be tough for those trying to remake their AI2 apps in thunkable.

Unfortunately, this is definitely happening. Can you tell me more about why this makes it tough? Especially knowing that we are bringing rows/columns back soon and we wont get rid of StP before then. I’m not sure I understand the difficulty.

I tire of this. I down vote StP

@vishruth-ram When you post a comment, please explain what you mean.

Are you saying you don’t want to use the Snap to Place interface?

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@overshield :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: yes. Not sure when, but yes.

What do you use those blocks for primarily?

I use them constantly, for keeping all of my button blocks easy to find, same goes for labels, inputs, and so on.

I also use them for all the cloning I do. I’ve learned it’s the only way to go for me

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