Alert automatically closes

Is there a way to have the alert automatically close after displaying a message ? Essentially i want the alert to pop up for about three seconds then automatically go away.

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Hi @jw01563daqgz,

Unfortunately this is not possible with the alert component.

Alerts are designed to be user-dismissed, what you’re describing sounds more like a “toast” in Android, although it would be useful to have an Alert.dismiss() function.

As a work-around, perhaps you could have a button or label appear and use the timer then to dismiss it?

Hope that help!


First, your response team is insane, yall are so fast to respond its awesome. Anyway, I had thought about going that route, but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, plus the Alert icon looks so clean.



And thanks for the dismiss() suggestion too.

The entire Thunkable Community are super-helpful, so if you have any other question please just let us know. :smile:


How about having a “pop-up” component, that is an arrangement not unlike a row or column (or even a whole screen) which can be sized smaller than the overall display of the device, but would be shown on top of the existing display, covering it up–like an additional layer?
(Basically, could be sized anything, and positioned anywhere–the important property is that it is overlaid)
Then user could program anything to be in that pop-up window, including a timed self-dismissal.


Just Implemented this method and it works pretty great! Had to do a little extra work tho

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Awesome :+1: would be great if you could share a quick screenshot of your approach, or if you wanted to, you could add a paragraph or two and post it to #thunkable-cross-tutorials? :smiley: