[Solved] Can I cancel an alert? / Alternative alert modals

Hey guys! Small quesiton.
I have an alert that when a confirm button is clicked the app makes a phone call.
My question is like that, if when the Alert is showing and lets say for like 15 seconds there is no press, not on the confirm button and not on the cancel. Can I some how make the alert after 15 seconds to act like confirm button has been pushed? I thought about using timers but I am not sure. Thank’s for the help!

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Something like this will solve your issue ?

(It’s late, I didn’t test it, it depends of what you have as code after these blocks and so on :smiling_face:)


Thank’s @mimostel, it worked. I really apricate the help.

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I’m glad
And as a personal thought, this wouldn’t worked if Alert was modal like someone else asked.

It would force you to have some imput before continue. So, one more reason to be as it is, as any situation can be solved this way.


@mimostel Thank’s! Is there a way to make the alert window go away after the 15 seconds have passed and the call has been made? Not a big deal if there is no way. Thank’s!

If there is, I don’t have knowledge about it. And I left the computer to search (It’s late in Romania :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). Never tried to get rid of that window without choosing an answer


@mimostel You have helped enough! Thank’s.

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I don’t know if there is a way but you could always create your own “pop up” using a group and toggling the visbity of it

This is how I like to do things.

I place a group on the very top of the screen in the components tree. Usually call it modal debug or something similar. Would be easy enough to add buttons but I use them to display errors from my many api calls.

If you open this app

Then disconnect from the internet and try an action or even sign up for an account incorrectly, you’ll see what Zander is talking about.

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i tried to login (im not yet signed up) with mismatching passwords and a blank listviewer showed up. is that i was expecting to see?
i tried to sign up with bad format email and mismatching passwords and hit enter at last field (there was no submit button) but it just hung there (ie no action)
can you show a picture of the block/s that does this “modal debug” thing? thanks

Of course!

i create a function that has an input to show the modal and set the label. I call that function anywhere an error may occur.

thanks for the blocks! cool idea!
was there supposed to be a call alert inside logger?
when/how do you show the error?

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I’m not using An alert.

I show my messages in the modal. This could be expanded upon to show a message and add some buttons and bam, a custom alert popup.


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