How Can I show an Alert for 2 seconds for example and close it automaticaly

I m trying to do this with the timer but I dont find a way to close the alert … It this possible?

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Hi there, @Leito
This is impossible to do it at the moment.
When you said “close it automatically”,this should be a Toast for showing a few milliseconds/seconds.
Although Thunkable X does not have a component called Toast.Meanwhile,you can do it with timer by yourself.

Alert is a component which needs user to close it in manual control.The alert is not possible close itself automatically.

Another way is design a new Alert/Dialog for your own with customize.This should be default by Row/Column.They are basic layout component,to close it automatically,set it to invisible.

To implement the little fade-in,you may consider about their opacity.


Hi, @Leito! :wave:

@actech has implemented a toast like feature in his Actech Demo app.
He will assist you more on this.

Thanks! :blush:

P.S. @BlueWhaleYT It’s impossible to do it from front screen i.e. official components, but magically actech achieved to do this behind the scenes. :wink:

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