Is it possible to show an image as Alert on Time Fires?

Hi everyone,
I’ve already implemented an alert after 180 seconds that shows and lead the user to the reviews’ page.
Conversion is not very good though. How can I implement an alert with an image (like 5 stars), in order to lead my user to click on it?

Thank you very much!

that’s not possible using the alert Component.

Any ideas on what i can do instead?
It’s vital to show an image to get reviews

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Make your own alert code.

add a column in the screen and make it absolute size. In the column add image component and text label if you want and the required buttons.

Make this column visible to false and only make it true when you want to show it.


@muneer careful with this:

There is a bug on Android with the “visible” property of elements with “absolute” positioning, preventing them from actually getting hidden. So the only cross-platform workaround to this is to “hide” the column by setting its height and width to 0 and then showing it by setting its height and width to i.e. 250 and 150 respectively.

Having access to the Z-Index property thought a block would also work but unfortunately, we don’t :slight_smile:

If the app is to be used only on iOS then yes, you can use the “visible” property as you suggest.


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