Text input to Alert

Hi! I’m currently trying to transfer any text typed in the text input to the alert function.

For example, if “I like food.” is typed into the text input, and then the button is pressed, triggering the alert and prompting the user with; Title: “Submit this message?”, Message: “I like food.”, and yes, no options.

Currently struggling with the message part because I can’t seem to capture the text inputted. Wondering if anybody knows a way to do it. Thanks for reading and helping out! :slight_smile:

Can you show us the blocks for this please? My guess is you arnt using the textbox text block attached to the alert# message block.

Thanks for replying Sam :slight_smile:

I would like to know the textbook way hahaha :rofl: I’m a new user so I’m not really familiar with the interface.

I followed the instructions on Thunkable’s guide (Alert’s section). It was useful but not really what I’m looking for. :blush: Sorry if my reply couldn’t help clarify what you had in mind.

Hello there, @elsabella.wonghv!

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Try this : (in designer)

(in blocks)
here, 1 = Confirm & 2 = No

Hope it helps! :wink:
Thanks :smile: