Major web app crash with phone issue

I was testing another app and found that there is a subtle change that has taken place lately. The starts and opens event are treated differently now if the app started from a computer or from a mobile.

I was modifying this app for another member of the community and found that if I have the codes under screen open it works from the computer but does not work from the mobile.

Could this be the issue that you are facing?
Do you have some codes in the screen opens block that needs to run for a successful login?


@muneer I don’t have a start function and all my open function does is clear text inputs.

I have attached a gif of what happens in my computer chrome browser when I am using it normally vs testing using a mobile screen. I have no idea what the error means but it only happens when I click to change device type…

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@jared the app does work in the companion preview app.

404 is an authorization or access problem but you would need someone from the Thunkable team to confirm if this has any impact in your case.

Looks like in that context the Firebase config isn’t receiving the appropriate data. Can you report this on GitHub and provide the dummy access login.

Please be as detailed as possible and link back to the forum. The engineering team will get eyes on it there. Sounds like an easily fixable bug but keep in mind they are a small and busy team.

@muneer & @jared I really appreciate both of your help. I will report on GitHub.

I have recreated the issue using a different app and a different firebase db (see link below to access code). I get the same result .

For anyone trying to see the issue if you hit hit F12 in live test mode and click on the “toggle device toolbar” in the top left you can recreate fairly quick by choosing a mobile device. Code works on a normal browser but not on a phone.

I’m shocked more people aren’t reporting this, but maybe they don’t use web apps as much.

test app

If someone comes up with a solution let me know. This has put a large load back on the company I was doing it for. @cassandra can you confirm this is a thunkable issue?