Webapp doesn't work, iphone and android yes... why?

Tried to publish my app.
It works properly on smartphone(both apple and android), but if i publish it as a webapp the firebase login doesn’t work and i cannot access to my data.

I’m tring to understand my error, but i can’t find it.

It can be a problem about firebase authentication settings?


Hi @Gianmario_Vento - sorry to hear about this

Are you doing any error handling in your blocks?

Have you tried to create a simple test project with just the sign in and publish that as a web app?

The project perfectly works on smartphone, but if i try to run in web app i can’t login.
I’am using the login sample template on thunkable project homepage, I’ve only changed text label and hint and my firebase data.
Simply for me it’s strange it works properly on smartphone and not as webapp.

And did you add your own firebase credentials?

yes of course.

Can you send me your thunkable.site link @Gianmario_Vento ?

do you mean the link for the webapp?
here is it

I was able to sign up fine:

It wouldn’t let me sign in though, what blocks are you using for this?

the problem is to log in not to register, try to login and i will put your mail in db to have access
your temporary username is Domhnall

if i try also to register, i can’t finish if i click… i am going out of mind…

the blocks i’ve used are here Thunkable

Edit after edit:
when i use my link from my smartphone, it works.
If i use from my pc, it doesn’t.

Unless it’s a gremlin of my previewing your project, you might want to check these blocks with the error messages:

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@domhnallohanlon @catsarisky

I made a copy of my project to rearrange my blocks.

1st attempt was the solution:

i changed the type of variables that stores email and password from “Stored” to “App” and now it works from my Pc.

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Great, glad you solved it!. I think the web app version doesn’t have any access to stored variables.


I think the same,
the point was that!
If it works on my smartphone with apk and also from my published link, why it wouldn’t from my pc?
The answer was: Stored variables.

Thanks to everyone for help!

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According to the documentation it should work.