Lost all my blocks - What can I do?

So about 10 days ago i was victim of some kind of bug during deduplication of my project and lost all my blocks on both projects, it was a huge project with 4 months of work and it is all gone.
I am not a pro user because was planning on being one when the project was finished but i never thought about losing all my work! And no backups are possible (except duplicating)

I tried contacting staff in private, someone opened a ticket but i have no news about it since then, more to this apparently they “might not keep backups for free users”. I can’t believe a company like this gives no help to someone just because they don’t pay, and we have to be afraid of losing months of works like this. I am even willing to pay for the extra technical help on getting a backup!

I need some support on this ASAP. I can’t wait any longer, at least i want a staff member say i can’t hold any more hope on getting my blocks back. I won’t use this platform anymore if this is the kind of respect you pay to your users.

Hi @Marco_Marchena - so sorry to hear that your work has been impacted like this, want to ask a couple of questions to see if we can figure out what’s going on?

Correct. At the moment we’re working on this functionality, but for now duplicating your projects remains the best practice around version control that we can recommend. It sounds like you’ve been doing this too, right? When was the last time you made a backup (duplicate?) and how many of them do you have?

What is *de-*duplication?

Was this via email or DM? I’ve looked at our support system and can’t find anything from you. By the same token, I actually couldn’t find any Thunkable projects associated with this account. Are you using an alt account for building?

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So i’ve been duplicating my project every once in a while but i, beign a little bit careless (not thinking this could happen), deleted my only remaining copy just before duplicating my main project again…

I meant “duplication”, sorry.

This was through DM on this account, i am adding you to the conversation.
And yes i am using my company account for the project, and i was going pro when project done. Sorry about not making it clear. You can find project in the DM.

Still waiting on good support on this.
More than 2 weeks since my issue happened and still don’t know if i will get my blocks back or lost everything.

This is a really poor way of treating your users.

The answer is no per @domhnallohanlon quote here. Sounds like they won’t be getting restored.

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And why is that?
Don’t you keep any website backups where you can retrieve an old version of my project?? A bug just make you lose all the work? Really didn’t expect it to end like this.

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As someone with inside knowledge, there’s not backup feature for users and their projects at this time. Users have always been encouraged to create backups for issues just like this.

That said, I know the feature has been discussed and is being worked on. Hopefully project snapshots/saved projects/versioning will be available soon!